Aztec Biotech’s 's R & D centre is manned by scientists, well trained chemists, quality assurance and control personnel who are highly qualified and experienced in chemical research, analytical development, safety-health environment, regulatory requirements, engineering and information technology, quality assurance, etc. They provide a comprehensive and complete technical support.

Custom Synthesis

At Aztec Biotech we are able to synthesize a large variety of molecules including

  • building blocks, scaffolds and synthons for combinatorial chemistry or further synthesis,

  • new chemical entities or analogues for lead discovery and optimization

  • reference compounds such as impurities for process validation

Aztec Biotech offer lab-scale custom synthesis and contract research through state-of-the-art reaction methods and techniques. We have the expertise and equipment to cover the full range of organic reactions, with an emphasis on heterocyclic chemistry, catalytic reactions, asymmetric reactions and high-pressure reactions and hydrogenations.

Scale-up Synthesis

Scaling up laboratory compound synthesis is always a difficult and costly task. Our process chemistry experts will work to shorten the synthetic procedure and substitute cheaper materials to provide the safest and most cost-effective option for production of up to 10 kg in the kilo lab.

  • Process optimization for shorter synthesis

  • Scheme modification to use cheaper reagents

  • Kilo lab with capacity up to 10kg

  • Efficient knowledge transfer to plant

Contract Research

Aztec Biotech provides customers with a variety of contract research options. The core service is Full Time Equivalent (FTE) based chemistry. When you are up to a project needing contract research, contract organic synthesis, R&D synthesis, our team of organic chemists will be able to achieve your goal effectively in short period of time.

Confidential Agreement

Intellectual property is the most important asset of our company as well as our clients. We will sign the confidential agreement with customers before project conduction as required. We deal with every part of our work with the highest integrity no matter how small it is within a whole development and manufacturing process. We also establish rigorous documentation system to safeguard customers’ IP

Chemical Capabilities

Some of the chemical reactions undertaken at the production facilities are,

Asymmetric Synthesis Quarternisations
Optical Resolution Grignard
High Pressure Catalytic Cyanation
Hydrogenation Carbethoxylation
Handling Butyl Lithium Oximation
Bromination Low Temperature (-80 C)
Chlorination Epoxidation
Sulfonation Oxidations involving potassium permanganate, Hydrogen etc
Reductive Alkylation High temperature Condensation (+250 C)
Reduction Friedel - Crafts

Instrumentation & Quality Control

Aztec Biotech attaches super importance to quality control and assurance. We take customer satisfactions as our company's principle. Besides, we are consistently upgrading every aspect of our quality system so as to achieve highest quality standards. Every product we deliver includes a Certificate of Analysis with complete detailed information including lot number, product information, specification and typical analysis data.